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Meeting and Event Management

GEARS has developed meeting and event logistics management tools that are tested and proven protocols to guide the substantive work of creating meetings that satisfy diverse client requirements and needs, appeal to attendees and presenters, and provide meaningful professional experiences whether face-to-face or virtual. Our expertise is evidenced by our personnel and resource management while supporting logistics for meetings, events and conferences, technical writing and editing, travel management, collaterals and printed materials for all meetings, as well as subject matter experts and speakers.

Our team understands the complexity involved with the specialized activities to execute a successful event that is in scope and financially solvent. We have delivered administrative, management and logistical support services for meetings, expert panels and conferences ranging from 20 to over 400 participants. Our experience includes logistical planning and execution for federal and commercial clients including substantive support from program concept design, agenda planning and production, to logistics, facilitation, presentation, and preparation of proceedings.

Our services include:

  • Conference and meeting planning
  • Expert Panels
  • Comprehensive A/V services
  • Materials development and dissemination
  • Online registration development
  • Meeting website development and maintenance
Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference